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Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes Or Not?

Cary NC Lash ExtensionsEyelash extensions are used by many people today. It is a quick and easy way to enhance the way your eyes look. These can be obtained in many different sizes and styles. They are easy to apply, and also, in most cases, simple to remove. However, there is a myth that your natural lashes will be in some way ruined as a result of using these extensions. Let’s discuss whether or not this myth is true, and if it is, how you can get your eyelashes back to normal.

Why Do People Use Eyelash Extensions in Cary NC?

Although primarily women use eyelash extensions, there are many others that may do this as well. It is astounding how thick full lashes can really accentuate the shape and appearance of your eyes. Similar to eyebrows, or even using eyeliner, this cosmetic change can make your eyes look much more full and appealing. These are applied in a very simplistic way. A primer is going to be applied in order to affix it in place. You may even want to use tweezers to fan out the natural lashes that you have. The same is done for the bottom so that they can remain in place.

What About Mascara?

eyelash extensions caryMascara is another very popular cosmetic product that is used. It is a type of liquid that is made of iron oxide, or sometimes carbon black pigment, designed to change the appearance of your lashes. They may contain materials such as mineral oil, lanolin, paraffin, and some will actually use wax. Once it is applied, it will typically remain for many hours. Short of very strong rainfall, it will stay in place. It’s easy to wash off, and you can reapply it the following morning. You can even reapply it at night if you happen to be going out.

Mascara Versus Cary Lash Extensions

There are pros and cons to using either of these. The benefit of using mascara is that you can control the way that it looks. It’s also something that you can easily wipe off if you do not want to have that bold appearance. The negative is that it can become very expensive in Cary, Durham and Raleigh, depending on the brand that you use and how often you apply it. Eyelash extensions are a good choice for those that don’t want to be bothered with the repetitive application of mascara. You can also get a much more full appearance with eyelash extensions. The downfall is that you may potentially cause problems with your eyelids and eyelashes.

Will Eyelash Extensions Really Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

lash extensions cary ncThe short answer to this question is no. It is not going to have any effect at all on your natural eyelashes. These are applied with an adhesive that will not endanger their growth. The only problem that people tend to have with eyelash extensions is that the adhesive that is used may not last that long.

Eyelash extensions will continue to be used for decades into the future. It is the fastest and easiest way to improve the way your eyelashes look. They will not have any detrimental effects on the natural lashes that you have. As long as you are obtaining these from a reputable company that uses a quality adhesive, you should not have to worry about them falling off.

Are lash extensions advisable in the Triangle?

As opposed to those bulky strips of fake lashes you glue yourself on your lash line, lash extensions are applied by a professional who manually glues them on the top of your natural lashes. The truth that lash extensions aren’t joint together in a strip ensures they are extremely versatile and provides them a natural look. Through taking good care of your eyelash extensions (we’ll come to that in a minute), you can enjoy them for approximately eight weeks until they naturally fall down such as your lashes do.

Can eyelash extensions affect your natural lashes?

Cary NC Eyelash ExtensionsThere is absolutely no real proof any adverse reactions of eyelash extensions in your natural lash length or on your state of health. Nevertheless, there’s a little risk of developing traction alopecia, a disorder that makes your natural eyelashes drop out as results of repeating over and over the application of eyelash extensions. This can be nothing you should concern yourself with – this is a negligible risk.

It always takes numerous years of improper eyelash extensions application and poor maintain long term lash damage to occur. This is actually the primary reason why you ought to only visit reputable technicians and salons (irrespective of how tempting discount codes and discounts could be), in fact it is also why you should make sure the professional washes their hands prior to taking on the new customers, wears a mask, uses disposable pillow cases, sterilizes their tools, and uses disposable brushes to utilize eyelash extensions. There’s nothing wrong together with you asking your technician to the confirmation of all the above mentioned details.

When contacting the salon to have an appointment, inquire further regarding the ingredients of their usual model of lash adhesive. If they can’t provide you with a straight answer, avoid their services altogether (the very last thing you want is surely an infection of your eyelids) and if they let you know that the glue contains formaldehyde (just about the most dangerous eye irritant substances), also cancel your appointment. Even though you may have to pay a little bit more, choose a salon which utilizes a great lash glue that definitely contains cyanoacrylates rather than formaldehyde, because these substances have a much lower toxicity on the eye.

Exactly what is the value of getting lash extensions?

In Cary, NC, an elementary set containing between 70 and 80 lashes per eye could cost between $100 and $400 plus about 20 percent the tip to the technician. Since natural eyelashes grow and drop out, you’ll have to element in getting back to the salon for fill-ins, which could shed you back $50-$165 every few weeks, for the way many lashes require replacement.

The less frequent the fill-ins, the better lashes you’ll must replace and also the more you’ll need to pay – furthermore, in the event you wait very long, the technician might want to use a new list of extensions as opposed to a fill-in, which may be quite expensive.

How to ascertain the right eyelash extensions size?

Cary lash extensionsDo you want Kim Kardashian-style lashes? Awesome – but this doesn’t necessarily indicate the eyes can take them. The length and the strength of your natural lashes will be the main factors that determine the sort of lashes you will get. Wearing lashes in Cary which are either too thick or very long may damage your natural eyelashes on long term, so you have to make sure there’s not really a big distinction between your extensions along with your natural lashes regarding both thickness and length.

When you don’t possess idea about all of this means, don’t worry – a licensed lash technician will allow you to choose the best lashes, as well as the best form of material for example synthetic silk and synthetic mink. Mink is usually more pricey, but it really feels softer and has a far more natural look nevertheless, some highly customizable synthetics can feel and look as natural as mink and they could be equally expensive.

As a way to pick the density, the curl and the duration of your Cary lash extensions, you’ll have to work alongside the specialist to figure out what’s ideal for you. A great lash professional will know how to select the best lash look depending on your bone structure, face shape, and natural lashes. Before going to the appointment, go ahead and take following things under consideration.

May I arrive to my eyelash extensions appointment wearing makeup?

No way. You’ll have to go to the appointment without any makeup along with clean skin. This means you shouldn’t wear any eyeshadow, mascara, or eyeliner. Anything in your lids or lashes might influence the result.

May I shower or swim with my new eyelash extensions?

Cary Lash ExtensionsYes, bot not within at the very least round the clock once the procedure. Different eyelash adhesives have different curing times, starting from 12 to round the clock, so you should ask your stylist for advice. It is essential that you’re gentle with your lashes and make sure no water touches them prior to the glue cures. You can shower after getting your eyelash extensions, but be sure to don’t have them wet and you also don’t spend a long time within the steam.

Can you wear makeup with lash extensions in Cary?

Based on specialists, you shouldn’t wear mascara with Cary North Carolina lash extensions. Why? Because looking to eliminate it before bed time may lead to your extensions to acquire damaged with the makeup remover or with the friction motions. Eyeliners are fine, so long as you stay away from cream-based products. They can contain oils and waxes that could interact with lash glue, dissolving it.

Have you considered washing the eyes with lash extensions?

Cary LashesOur eyelash technician advises that you just use only cleansers that have an eyelash extensions safe formula. Other cleansers might have harsh ingredients which may affect the glue, causing your extensions to drop out prematurely. Furthermore, if you’re wearing eye makeup, eliminate it by gently swiping it down with oil-free pads to wash the eyes and lashes. Last of all, avoid rubbing the eyes.